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Flying With Your Photography Gear

Updated: Jan 1

Safely travel with all the photography gear you need

If you are reading this, you have the same concerns that I once had. What are the best and safest ways to travel with your photography gear? Like anyone, when they start something new, they don't always know where to start. Here I have listed the top three things I've learned after consistently traveling the world with my gear.

By the end, you should know what to bring and what not to bring with you on your next trip.

Packing Only What You Need

If you are anything like me, it's sometimes hard not to overpack for a vacation. It took me several trips to finally nail down the things I actually use. After these first few trips, I realized that some stuff never actually left my suitcase. Your packing list should only be the essentials. Such as,

  • Your favorite two or three lenses

  • Tripod

  • Extra batteries, chargers, and cords.

  • SD cards

You may bring more than this, but this should always be your base list! I personally also like to take my lens ball and fisheye lens attachment.

“Just in case” is the curse of packing. – Alexandra Potter

Pack Your Gear In Your Carry On

The only way to ensure your gear is safe during travels is to pack everything in a hardcover carry-on suitcase. Doing this will guarantee that you have control over how your equipment is handled on the flight. When I first started traveling, I specifically bought a hardcover carry-on bag just for my equipment. Best decision of my life! If you have seen how people treat your luggage on a flight, you will immediately understand why I do this.

If you have a drone make sure you read the rules for where you are going!

Researching the laws might save your drone! When I first got my drone, I planned on taking it to Mexico. Luckily before my trip, I looked at the laws in Mexico for having a drone. I found that they have extremely strict rules! If I hadn't looked up the laws my drone would have been confiscated in customs.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I started to look at the other laws around the world regarding drones. Immediately I was overwhelmed with information. Next month I will be writing an entire post dedicated to drone laws in different areas of the world. Hopefully, with this, nobody has to lose their drone!


I trust after reading this, some of your questions and concerns have been answered. Now for your next trip, you can comfortably take your photography gear with you without the concern of it getting damaged. If you have more questions or suggestions for new articles, please leave a comment below. As always, we wish you all safe travels in your adventure and hope you can join us next time with ' Venture With Us'!

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